President's Message

“Provide one’s comfortable living with our vibration control technology” This is the mission of Kurashiki Kako.

President's Message

Kurashiki Kako Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing automotive parts and industrial instruments under our mission of “provide one’s comfortable living with our vibration control technology” since establishment.

We have expanded our business starting from headquarter in Kurashiki to three affiliates. In addition, we have global production and business locations in Thailand, China, Mexico and Korea and we are continuing our development.

For further contribution to the society, we will continue our effort to advance our vibration control technology drastically with our corporate values of “with sincerity and joy, together with one to make it better”.

We will always keep in mind that we are supported by local communities and global locations and we will continue to contribute to have a bright future for the society.

Koichi Fukano
President Director
Kurashiki Kako Co., Ltd

Corporate Creed

Produce good products at reasonable costs to contribute to the advancement of society

Corporate Philosophy

  1. Kurashiki Kako contributes to the prosperity of customers and the development of society by providing high quality products based on our anti-vibration and sound-proofing technologies which are valuable and demanded with the times.
  2. For customer satisfaction, Kurashiki Kako continues to provide customers with products and services which are beyond their expectations.
  3. Kurashiki Kako also provides our employees with the joy of working and affluent lives.
  4. We proactively deal with environmental, safety and recycling issues to fulfill our social responsibilities.