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About Global Human ResourcesAbout Global Human Resources

Requirements for Global Human Resources

Global human resources are people who have personal magnetism together with an understanding of "Basics of human resources" and "Global basics."

Kurashiki Kako defines requirements for our employees as their guideline and stimulate development of the employees to foster valuable human resources who can utilize their maximum capabilities everywhere in the world as we roll out our businesses not only in Japan but also the countries around the world.

Introduction of our Global Human Resources

Reyes Laura

Considering the needs of both in Mexico and Japan,
think about the optimal procedures.

Reyes Laura

Could you tell us your motive to join KKC and your current job responsibilities?
I found out that KKC started to launch a new production location in Mexico and I thought that I could utilize my experience of being Mexican and my capabilities for working there.
I also thought getting experience in the involvement of the "launch of a company" would lead me to grow. I also felt I can contribute to the company by doing so.

Currently, I belong to the Overseas Section of the No.2 Automobile Business Department of the Automotive Parts Operation Division. My main responsibilities are:
(1) Gathering, analyzing and summarizing sales information of the Mexican factory, and providing such information within the company.
(2) Project to develop a dictionary of technical terms to corresponding between both languages for the smooth operation of global businesses.
(3) Support of various activities to control the progress of the Mexican project.
(4) As needed, translation and interpretation in Mexico.
What is challenging for you in your performance of this global job?
I am very satisfied with my global job, the control of sales information and the project to develop a dictionary.
Through my day-to-day work, I prepare suggestions and procedure sheets. Then I consult with people who are involved in this job. After negotiation adjustments are made.
I am struggling every day to develop the rules and procedures of jobs which have not yet started. I always keep in mind that the systems and tools that I am developing can be of help in both Japan and Mexico in the future.
Could you give any advice about the type of people who want to work as global human resources?
To work as a global human resource, language skills, curiosity and a challenging spirit are absolutely imperative.
However, the most important thing is to have a flexible mind in order to try to understand the ways of other countries and different senses of value. Continuous communication with counterparts is also important.
Mitanihara Kiyoshi

First ever trainee for overseas training

Mitanihara Kiyoshi

Could you tell us the motive to join KKC and your current job responsibilities?
I have loved cars since I was a child. An opportunity to work abroad was another point that fascinated me about this company.
The "Overseas training system (a training system for on-the-job training in the company's overseas production locations)" has been established since 2015, and as I hoped for, I am now in Mexico as the first trainee for business training and language learning.
What have you learned and experienced as a trainee?
I really had felt the importance of communication with customers and employees at the Mexican factory who have a different culture, way of thinking and living environment. I also have valuable experience in thinking globally from a view point different to what I used to have when I was in Japan.
Could you give any advice about the type of people who want to work as global human resources?
Think flexibly to understand different cultures, because the "way we are used to" may be different to the way it is in other countries. It may not be the best way, so be flexible and look for a "better way." This sort of proactive mindset is important. Furthermore, make a step forward to "take up a challenge!" It is always important to have an open mind.